Each piece of my art is derived from a single video frame enhanced to create the images you see in the galleries.  I began to experiment with bringing those still art images to “life” that resulted in a series of videos I call “Chromatic Transformations”.   I wanted to make videos that have no basis in conventional reality, no story, no dialogue, no people, and no places, yet would take you on a journey of form and color.

I have always been able to “see” the velocity and relationship between color, shape, and chords of music.  As I construct these meditations of color I try to improvise with the various parameters of each video and audio effect while I take them to a defined destination. Like my still art, I embark on an adventure without knowing what influence and effect the process will have until it is rendered.  The process combines the effects and layers to form a single layer and is equivalent to flattening an image in photoshop.  Once a section is created, the soundtrack is constructed to match what I feel happening on the screen at any given moment. I then go back to refine the image based on its “sound” and repeat the process until the velocity of each color has an appropriate resonance.  These transformations are enhanced by the accompanying audio track, guiding each other by their transmutations.

These 5 minute Chromatic Transformations can be enjoyed with their original soundtracks or with other music you choose.  They can be used to relieve the stress of a long day or enhance the ambiance at any get-together.   Enjoy!


Euclidean Morph, 5:50 FULL JOURNEY

Spheres, Cylinders and Cubes Populate this Transmutated Journey.


Below are samples of each journey on the DVD.

Bloom n Zoom, 1:00
Canon Creation, 0:50
Detour 59, 0:31
Blossoming organic shapes burst forth and mutate into cavern-like structures and needle-sharp formations.
Nature’s beauty revealed to the peaceful melody of Pachelbel’s Canon in D.
A mind-bending trek along cliff walls becomes turbulent explosions of sizzling colors.
Dimenshunder, 1:33
Euclidean Morph, 5:50 FULL JOURNEY
Flow, 1:08
A voyage through tunnels of changing barriers emerges within a world of twisting contours and hurtling enclosures.
Spheres, cylinders and cubes populate this transmutated journey.
Explosions of inverted colors radiate and collapse in a turning spiral.
Genesis of Flight, 0:47
Horizonopolis, 1:21
Orbitrolysis, 1:02
Emanating from a single point, wings of transforming hues fly in place to a cosmic orchestra.
Abstract skylines ultimately reveal a spinning ovoid hovering above a chaotic summit of spotlights and fire.
Spheres accompany shimmers of tinted surfaces drifting through space.
Red_Blue Shift, 1:11
Soft Time, 1:16
Spiralunastea 1st Movement, 1:15
A rotating vortex creates waves of color while moving through a field of stars.
A blossoming explosion of pigments induce a calming state.
A delicate pinwheel radiates soft hues and suddenly collapses inward.
Subduction in G, 0:36
Transportal 1723
Tunnel Stormata, 1:01
Flying orbs descend into an erupting crevasse of changing forms.
A spiraling terrain transfixes the viewer to a central, unreachable nucleus.

A mind-bending odyssey through stalactite filled chambers becomes a visually hypnotic landscape of glowing forms and sparkling color.