Art by Samuel Galleries

Assembly Required
Black n White
Genuine expressions of color and form.
Devices, gadgets and things of beauty.
Everything looks better or worse in black and white?
Collage Art
Final Frontier
These prints are each a montage of some of my favorite images.
Your journey might end at one of these colorful settings.
The far reaches of our galaxy and beyond are within reach.
For the Kids
Playful art for a younger point of view.
Cubes, spheres and fractals are demonstrated in these dimensional configurations.
A unique representation of people and animals.
Let it Grow
Let’s Get Wet
A collection of my first images.
Plants and flowers in all their vibrant glory.
Water with a colorful flair. 
Limited Editions
Office Space
   Each of these images will be limited to 150 prints, numbered and signed.
Attractive art that will enhance the ambiance of any corporate setting.
  Art with a natural, biological quality. 
  Sky’s the Limit
Surreal – Macabre

Pieces that are similiar and can be displayed together. 

  The wide blue yonder is where my passion for observing brilliant colors and light began.
Strange, dark and mysterious images.
Framed Artwork – Samples
Positioned for a portrait view.


Framed artwork looks absolutely magnificent!